Joe Flanigan Joins David Conrad in Lifetime's 'The Secret Lives of Wives'


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The Secret Lives Of Wives is shaping up to include some pretty decent TV talent. The Lifetime pilot is somewhat reminiscent of the old Letters to Three Wives concept in that it focuses on four women and their spouses. Naturally, this is not a happy-ever-after Disney type project, but one rich in the soap opera element along with some thriller type moments.

Though the pilot's east coast production is temporarily halted due to Hurricane Sandy, the drama has been much talked. Featured in the nighttime series are Kim Raver as Michelle, Salli Richardson as Reed, Amber Clayton as Keaton, and Lauren Bittner as Jessie.

View attachment 2084 Raver, whose character is said to be the grounded one of the group, is teamed with Ghost Whisperer alum, David Conrad, while Dead Like Me's Callum Blue appears as the husband of Bittner's character. Bittner's Jessie is a lawyer, while Blue's is a minister. Derek Smith plays an accountant, the newlywed husband of Keaton. As for Conrad, he's an English Literature professor leading a double life.

Another featured couple will be Kyle and Alison Dunn, portrayed by Laura Allen and Martin Henderson. There is some real intrigue in this part of the story as Kyle is reported to be an astronaut and flight surgeon who comes home and finds things to be a bit strange. Allen, whose Alison apparently has the biggest secret of any character in the cast, was last seen in the series Awake where she went from supporting player to female star.

The latest addition to the cast is Stargate Atlantis alum, Joe Flanigan. He will be portraying Reed's husband, Jared, a disenchanted type.




OMG! David Conrad and Joe Flanagan in a series together? Consider me a fan whether I like the show or not. :)