John Rich beats Marlee Matlin


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John Rich was named Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice last night. Matlin didn't get fired though. Instead, Trump just named the winner. Rich really was the strongest contender and hardest worker of the season in my view. Matlin gave in and stayed in the background too much with that cat fighting women's team. She was very good, though. I almost wanted Trump to name both as winners.

Notes from the season:

Gary Busey is a deceptive nut!
Meatloaf is a compassionate nut!
Lil John is more than just dreadlocks!
Star Jones is one of the most deceptive, selfish, self-indulgent, arrogant people on the planet.
Dionne Warwick is a Diva and I understand why Whitney Houston is how she is as a result.
LaToya Jackson remains underrated whether you like her or not or think she has talent or not or think she's living off Michael's shadow or not.
David Cassidy never had a chance to do much, but I don't think he wanted to and I was very disappointed by his joy over Richard Hatch, not that I like Hatch, but Cassidy was exhuberant and that was just too much.

... and Ivanka is pregnant. I figured she was due for that!