Jorga Fox back on CSI

According to USA Weekend, Jorga Fox will be back on CSI on Oct. 9 for amultiple-episode appearance as Sara Sidle. Maybe she and Grissom, as played by William Petersen will hook-up before his character departs the show. I know I'll be watching for sparks to fly!
Yeah, I did, and I'm incredibly ticked. I hate Lady Heather's character, she's been overused. I've always wanted Sara and Grissom to get together, and now they're pulling this weird crap with his character and it just doesn't fit in my opinion. It's not how I see him. :(
Well the last episode was a real disappointment in my opinion. However I did not feel that Grissom and Lady Heather did anything. The way they kept flashing on Sarah on the DVD makes me think that Grissom is going to leave and go join her wherever she is in the jungle. That is how they are going to write him out. What do you guys think?