Journalist Bob Tur's brave and very public transgender announcement


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In 1992, the country watched in horror as a helicopter televised the beating of a man named Reginald Denny during the Los Angeles race riots. Two years later, ex-football great O.J. Simpson fled the police in a Ford Bronco, traveling on Interstate 405 as a helicopter televised the vehicle's every movement. Both events captivated the nation and both share a common link: helicopter pilot Bob Tur, who formed the Los Angeles News Service, the very first news agency to use helicopters.

View attachment 2440 Now it is Bob Tur who is making news. Los Angeles TV station KCBS interviewed the pilot on June 13, revealing that Tur is transgender and is actively in the process of going from a man to a woman. The news has been hard for Tur's family, especially daughter Katy Tur who herself is a reporter and was seen on NBC Nightly News' expanded coverage of the recent Boston Marathon bombing. Still, Tur stated that overall the family has been very supportive of the switch.

Tor has already begun hormone replacement therapy and plans to have the major procedure that will switch features from male to female by November 2013.

Ultimately, Tor's new identity will be Zoey Tor. Already, the pilot reports being happier than ever.

“People thought I was brave doing rescues, they thought I was brave doing news, flying helicopters. Brave is being yourself. That’s brave. And for the first time in my life, I’m being brave,” Tor told the station.