Just cut the cord! Need help with the transition!


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I was a Dish customer for nearly 5 years and to be honest, I was very happy with the service, but just couldn't see myself paying $70 a month for programming I could get for FREE online.

So, I canceled Dish and signed up for HuluPlus which I stream through my Roku and PS3.

I have been using HuluPlus for about 2 weeks now and I am happy with it! I tried an indoor antenna, but did not like the results. (It was a cheap RCA antenna I brought at Wal-Mart, but took it back after a day or two.)

I like to watch my football on Sundays, but I work during the games, so I need a way to record them, and a good antenna to pick it up on.

I've done a lot of reading, but to be honest, it is all starting to confuse the heck out of me, lol.

TVFool.com Report

So the two things I need help with right now are:

1.) What antenna should I get based on the TVFool.com Report? (I will be doing Roof Top Antenna... There is one station I would like to pick up, and what is WOIO (74.4 Miles away) but that channel has some of the sporting events I would like to watch sometimes.

2.) I've been looking into DVR's (as a way to appease my wife since she misses the DVR from Dish. I've looked at these DVR's as something within my budget:

- Stellar Labs Digital Television Tuner / Recorder with HDMI and Component Output | DT-1200 (DT1200) | Stellar Labs (Seems simple enough really... But I wonder how well the recordings work since it appears there may be some issues with it?)

- SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME - Three Digital Tuners, Anywhere on Your Network HDHR3-CC Ethernet Interface - Newegg.com (I don't want to hook this up to a computer since I only have one laptop at the moment and it is used away from a fixed position)

- Amazon.com : Simple.tv Network Tuner DVR with Lifetime Premier Subscription : Digital Video Recorders : Electronics (A little on the higher end for me, and also only has one tuner, which is a big turnoff for me at that price)

- Amazon.com: HomeWorx HW-150PVR ATSC Digital TV Converter Box w/ Media Player & Recording PVR Function / HDMI Out: Electronics (Similar to the Stellar Labs DVR from what I read, so I have the same concerns).

Any help is appreciated! I'm committed to doing this since I've already cut the cord and I am now just surviving off HuluPlus! Thanks!
First off, accept that WOIO is going to be either difficult or impossible to get. Still interested?

Toledo requires a simple 7-51 combo antenna.

For the DVR, check out the new CM7500 from Channel Master. It's supposed to start shipping soon.
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I understand that WOIO will be very difficult to recieve but I just wanted to get an antenna that MIGHT make it possible if I get lucky. Perhaps if I point it that direction? To be honest, I only need to recieve the station 4 or 5 times a year. So what antenna would you recommend for this?

Is there a cheaper verison of the channel master? It is $200 right?


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Your locals are pretty easy. A RCA ANT751R or Antennas Direct C2-V pointed northwest should get all of those. WOIO will require a monster antenna that includes VHF-high (it's on real channel 10). Something like a Winegard HD7698P and possibly a pre-amp.


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Actually the Channel Master DVR+ (what people are calling the CM-7500) runs about $300 when you factor in a USB hard drive ($250 for the DVR and $50 for a USB hard drive from another retailer). They are taking pre-orders for January delivery. I have the original Dish DTVpal DVR (CM-7000pal DVR), which was also made by Echostar and it works very well.

I have a iView 3500STB which I run Homeworx firmware on. They are cheap, but not particularly reliable. The Stellar Labs box is similar but I have no idea whether it is an improvement. Simple.TV and the SiliconDust network tuners require additional hardware (Rokus, computers, hard drives etc.)


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I guess I can give up on the WOIO Channel since I could just go to the bar to watch those games in the preseason.

Any other recommendations for antennas? Possibly any from Stellar Labs as their outdoor antennas look affordable.
I have to agree with all advice you've gotten so far. The keep it simple answers are probably the best. I would consider the Stellar Labs. mcmelectronics.com/product/STELLAR-LABS-30-2440-/30-2440
It is the only antenna in that product line that is high VHF/UHF and you do need High VHF at your location. Very little is known as far as real world experience with that antenna, and most of us like to stay with proven performers when giving antenna advice. I know I would certainly like to give it a try.
Cross posted I'm good at that.
Very little is known as far as real world experience with that antenna, and most of us like to stay with proven performers when giving antenna advice.
I think it's a very good gamble for the price. It's the same as this antenna: Stellar Labs | 30-2155 with a VHF element added. 4.8 stars from 24 ratings and 22 reviews, and I'm 98% sure the reviews come from real people. Spec sheet looks good, and Solid Signal says that line (under their brand name) comes up to specs.




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I will order the Stellar Labs antenna, but still debating the Turner/Recorder. While I value the expertise of everyone on the forum, no one has said they have tried the product from stellar Labs (the recorder) except it appears to be the same as the iView.

Is the Stellar Labs verison any better, or has anyone here used it?

Does the iView havea on screen program guide? Also does the iView connect to the internet at all? I want something that is as close to the real cabke dvr experience (without the cost however). The CM DVR+ looks like it would do the trick, but I need something before then and I dont have the $300 to spend on it right now.
I think all of us will be interested in hearing how the Stellar labs antenna works outs for you. It should work.
I would have good reason to suspect the Stellar Labs Tuner/Recorder is the same as the iView/Homeworx. If more of the bugs have been worked out is unknown. Read a past discussion here.
To the best of my knowledge there is no bug free one magic box does it all solution with no monthly fee currently available.
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Does the iView havea on screen program guide?

Also does the iView connect to the internet at all?
I imagine it's possible, but it would be quite a hassle. I think all your questions about the iview will be answered here: http://www.dtvusaforum.com/converte...ta-converter-dvr-media-player-under-40-a.html

I'm reasonably sure the Stellar Labs version is the same, but nobody around here has tried it. Why pay more for the same hardware/firmware combination?

I want something that is as close to the real cabke dvr experience (without the cost however). The CM DVR+ looks like it would do the trick, but I need something before then and I dont have the $300 to spend on it right now.
That's going to be tough. If you have WiFi, you might want to look over the blogs and posts here about the ChromeCast dongle. You can stream from the internet to the TV, and you can stop/start/rewind etc. Not exactly a DVR, though. Hmmmm... I wish you could stream right to the iView! Why don't they have HDMI in on the thing?

I want everything, and I want it now, and I don't want to pay more than $39.95. :daffy:

Steve, we're cross posting again. :cheers:

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Does anyone have a screen shot of the on screen program guide for the iView? I just want to know what I'd be getting into if I buy the iView.

I'm used to something like this with my cable service:

If you want a guide like that you will need a Channel Master DVR+ or a TiVo. The iView's guide is only for the channel you're on, and only goes out as far as the PSIP information for that channel.
Thanks for the link; I didn't know about that one!

Hey I think I figured out a way to get the ChromeCast to stream to the iView. :becky: I am not suggesting this as a viable solution for anyone. I'm not even sure it will work. Seems like it would, though. You just convert HDMI input to RF connector F type input. Small problem there. Cheapest such converter I could find, after an hour's worth of searching, is $895.00. It's the smallest converter in the PVI line, meant to convert one HDMI signal for MANY HD TVs. Something like a hospital or nursing home situation. Apparently, you can't skip backwards two generations in signal types and get a viable, cheap converter -- unless someone here knows better and will educate me.

BUT THAT'S OK, just string together two converters! You can get an HDMI to RCA composite converter for about $35, and an RCA to RF converter for about $15. They both have to be the "active" types of converter. You can get simple $5 cables for HDMI to RCA, but that won't work, cause the RCA to RF converter expects the signal to be analog, er... digital/analog... whatever.

So theoretically, for about $50 in addition to the cost of the ChromeCast and supporting iphone remote, you can record stuff from the intenet right to your USB drive. No need for a PC. Based on one Amazon comment, I believe there might be a problem with 1080p in the translation. I think you have to stick to 480 or lower res, which is still pretty good, IMHO.

Anyone think this can work? Anyone think it can't? Any USE for such a Rube Goldberg setup??

Sorry for this little theoretical diversion, GoHooter. :alien:



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No problem! An interesting set up (although I'm confused already!) :D



I've ordered the Stellar Labs VHF/UHF antenna, and I'm thinking of getting a rotator in hopes of still messing around with the WOIO channel. Any recommendations on the rotator?

Still debating on the DVR. I want to try out the Stellar Labs product but I don't want to pay MORE if it is the SAME thing as cheaper versions. What could be different? Software or ease of use?