Just got service, so far so terrible - XFinity

I am seriously regretting my decision to come back to Comcast due to hardware and install issues...

I wanted to get 1 leased box for on-demand and 1 of my owned HDHomeRun Prime boxes with a cableCard. The Rep that helped sign me up said I had to get it installed and then go to a retail outlet and get a cablecard.

Day 1 (yesterday)- The Install, the installer was good, service worked well. Installer said that no, I could've gotten the cablecard on install. The installer took some of my cables though. -First issue

Day 2 (today)- Wake up and there's a major outage all in my area that was out for hours. -2nd issue Wait until the evening and head to the store to get a CableCard, wait 45 minutes and finally get to a rep. They give me the cablecard, get home, it doesn't work. Call in and the first rep tells me they have to escalate to tier 2 support, they transfer and then after 5 minutes that rep hangs up on me. She never calls back. I call in again, takes me back to tier 2. This woman does some troubleshooting and says I have a defective card and need a new one. She recommends getting one shipped, I ask about shipping fees and she said "no ma'am there are no charges for shipping". I ask about fees for getting a new card, she says that the card will be shipped "disabled" and i will get no new charges beyond my defective card. Once I activate the new card sucessfully, she says it will replace my old card and that I can call and have the difference of days between getting the defective card and activating the new card successfully refunded. I even continued to question and she said "no, you will only be charged for 1 additional box. LOW AND BEHOLD...just an hour later I recieve an email saying I'm being charged for 2 additional boxes and $9.95 for shipping. WHAT? I ASKED, I shouldn't even have to ask, but she blantantly lied. I called back "again" for the 3rd time and the rep tells me he can't do anything about the charges until I'm billed then I can call back and complain and get it refunded. This is absurd, I've never heard of a company not being able to fix this prior to incorrect billing. They also tell me that once I get the new card that I have to go back to the store (and presumably wait 45 minutes again) to return the defective card...

I'm about to just unplug it all and take it back, this is just absurd.

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