Just swapped my X1 box and still won’t restart



Had to exchange my old box for a new one today, but the new one gets stuck on the Welcome screen. I plugged everything in correctly, it powered up but rotates between the "Welcome. Powering up. This may take a few minutes..." and "Welcome. Bienvinedo. Bienvenue." pages. I've unplugged everything, done a system refresh and device restart, but it still just cycles between those two pages. It says "status unavailable" on my account page. What can I do? Our other box is not working either, guy at the store says that's common when the primary box isn't on.

One thing I noted - the "new" replacement" box that he gave me all shrink-wrapped with power supply, new remote and HDMI cable was clearly recycled. It was scuffed and damaged looking when I unwrapped it. Please don't tell me that Comcast is receiving boxes that don;t actually work?

"Just swapped my X1 box and still won’t restart," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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