JVC projector experience


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Greetings, long time lurker, first time poster. I wasn't sure where to post this;

I was wondering if any one had experience with the new JVC projectors. (or even one made in the last couple of years) I was thinking about pulling the trigger on a RS25U / HD950.

I have a theater room with some ambient light issues and the specs of the projector seemed like it may have enough brigthness to overcome some of this problem. My screen size is 120". I would like to stick with JVC as I'm a big fan of the D-ILA technology.

Any thoughts or opinions (positve or negative) would be appreciated.


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hi there, it could be an issue with the light engine on your tv or even the colorwheel, i would start to recommend on this, and by the way this are great televisions from what i've heard.

good luck.

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