Kathie Lee Blunders While Interviewing Martin Short on 'The Today Show'


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Embarrassing moments can happen not just in real life but on popular talk shows, and I'm not talking about someone just acting silly. Wednesday morning, Kathie Lee Gifford made a huge faux pas in an interview with Martin Short.

View attachment 1728 About halfway through the conversation that also include Gifford's co-host Hoda Kotb, the wife of Frank Gifford began asking Short about his wife, Nancy, mentioning her by name. She rambled on about their great marriage, asking Short how long they'd been wed. Once he'd answered 36 years, she continued right on about how happy the union was. Again, Short agreed, saying he and his wife were madly in love. Then Gifford inquired why, and Short musingly responded that it was his cuteness.

The segment ended and apparently with the cameras off, Short informed Gifford of her error. Sadly, Nancy Dolan Short passed away August 21, 2010, making the comedian a widower. You would think such information would be in Short's packet or research notes given to Gifford before an interview. She had already asked about his children.

To his credit, Short didn't miss a beat except for one very quick moment after the first question. He answered the questions and just kept right on going. To her credit, after the commercial break, Gifford herself acknowledged the truth and apologized for her error. She also apologized later on Twitter.

While I can't help but believe NBC, The Today Show, and Gifford herself messed up by not having the proper research (or perhaps not reading it before airtime), I have to acknowledge that embarrassing moments like this happen all the time.

I actually recall in my own life meeting an actor for the first time. As we talked, he told me I could ask him anything I wanted. Well, that made me nervous, and so I went to the safest thing I could think of and said something about he and his wife's marriage. Well, I almost fell off my stool when he told me they'd been separated for 3 years and were about to get a divorce. Yikes! I thought I was safe. They'd been married for decades. Oh well! He laughed while keeping me from falling on the floor.

Oh those embarrassing times we will always remember!

A video of the blunder has already made it onto YouTube:

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