Kim Richards Finally Admits to being Alcoholic


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
Now, no, I am not into all of these Real Housewives shows. I have never watched more than a couple of minutes, and those have been extremely sparingly. However, I was surprised when I found out sometime back that one of the wives was Kim Richards. I just remember her so much from when she was a child actress. She was on so many TV shows and movies. I loved seeing her. Probably the first questionable thing I saw was an episode of CHiPs. She'd grown up some and was somewhat paired with Erik Estrada, and that felt so wrong to me. I still saw her as the little girl. I suppose that's my interest -- nostalgia, and just hating that the little girl who was so darn talented and fun to watch grew up to have such problems. Maybe there's hope for her. Maybe one day she'll forgo the Beverly Hills thing and get back to her strengths.

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