Kimberly McCullough to Return to 'General Hospital' as Robin Scorpio


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Fans of 'General Hospital' are no doubt rejoicing over the news that long time star and favorite Kimberly McCullough is returning to her role of Robin Scorpio. A return date and length of contract has not been announced, but it will be a more substantial stint versus a brief, few episodes appearance.

The actress joined the series when she was a little girl and is one of the few child actors on soap operas to actually be allowed to grow up on TV without being 'aged' and replaced by older actors. It is indeed a rare group she is in. As a youngster, she was charming and adorable. At her first fan convention all those years ago, she actually sang to the crowd, endearing her to them forever.

She left the daytime drama roughly a year and a half ago, reportedly displeased by the way the powers that be chose to handle Robin's HIV status, almost mocking it and using it as a ploy in a plotline that virtually no one liked.

This year is 'General Hospital's' 50th on the air. The soap has brought back favorites from almost every decade, the most recent being John Reilly as Sean Donely. Other returnees included Rick Springfield, Jaclyn Zeman, and Jack Wagner. Even fitness guru Richard Simmons has popped up, his character nearly going psycho in the process. The show even surprised (happily) longtime Laura and Scotty fans by having them remarry after decades of being apart during all of the Luke-Laura craze. Both Genie Francis and Kin Shriner have returned, as has Emma Samms as the lovely Holly Sutton.

The return of Robin will help to move current storylines along and perhaps provide more closure for her character and those she is involved with should the actress depart again, which seems likely since she has directorial aspirations.