Kinect chip developer licensing tech for use in TVs, PCs

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Kinect chip developer licensing tech for use in TVs, PCs | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

"Richard Marks, designer of Sony’s PlayStation Move controller stated earlier this year that “buttons are irreplaceable as an input device,” but PrimeSense, the Israeli company which makes the motion-sensing control chip for Microsoft’s Kinect hands-free controller, is hoping that the rest of the world doesn’t feel that way." ...

... "Consumers seem to be much more receptive to the Kinect than Marks had predicted, as it sold over 2.5 million units in the first month it was available. PrimeSense and Asus will learn if the public will be as receptive to their product sometime after the second half of this year when the WAVI Xtion is rolled out in PC-enabled TVs around the world. There is no word yet on pricing." ...


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I agree with both of them. ;) There will be players who prefer no buttons and motion control, and there will be players who prefer buttons and motion control. I haven't tried Sony's motion controller yet, but the Kinect sure is fun to play with.