King of The Hill Cancelled

All I can say is about time. I just never felt this cartoon was that funny to begin with. Hank Hill was much funnier on Beavis and Butthead. Does anyone else think this was a very stupid show? If not why did you like it?


Not my kind of humor.

Beavis and Butthead aren´t it even.

I do not like such a stuff. But - if you do- no problem.

That is why my family has three TV screens.:pop2:


Not my kind of humor.

Beavis and Butthead aren´t it even.

I do not like such a stuff. But - if you do- no problem.

That is why my family has three TV screens.:pop2:
I used to love Beavis and Butthead! hehehe It was dumb fun humor, but hey, I was a kid at that time too. They reminded me so much of a couple of kids in my class.
Now Beavis and Butt-head was stupid. King of the Hill actually improved it to me.

Oh there were a few early B&B funny episodes i admit i watched, but mostly the 'show' itself was only about 5 minutes long; the rest consisted of music videos with the characters doing a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 kinda commentary.

South Park did it all in. but the later seasons got too stupid and too political IMO.

BTW this 'King of the Hill' cancelled is nothing short of a myth. i've been hearing it along with the cancellation of the Simpsons for 5 years. unless CBS/FOX is really been off for 5 years, every sunday i see "NEW" Episodes of those two shows. so i doubt it highly. Keep in mind also that Family Guy was 'cancelled' 3 or more times, and still airs new episodes, albeit recently it's been reruns every Sunday.

Cold Case was 'cancelled' a year ago, but still has new episodes. people will do anything sometimes to invoke flames, not that i'm saying the OP has.

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I like King of the Hill. It's another of those shows that I discovered long after it had begun. I stumbled on it a few times while channel surfing, and eventually got hooked. I think it's an acquired taste - the characters aren't really that funny until you "know" them. And sometimes they just aren't funny, and some plots fell flat. But there were some that literally made me LOL.... and some I couldn't manage to sit through.

I'd heard several years ago it was being cancelled, but continue to see occasional new episodes.


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Think he was joking Piggie, note the smiley.

Sounds like you need to broaden your horizons. :)

Well, I will miss King of the Hill for sure. Definitely one of my top 5 shows for sure but I don't think the show had much popularity out here in LA. In case you're trying to acheive cool points with your LA friends on facebook, don't ever mention that you watch King of the Hill or Nascar. lol
Yeah, smiley meant kidding. By the same token, if you want to argue about it, I'm game! :flypig:
We ought to make a day of it every month. bicker vs 1inxs vs piggie vs escapevelocity. :) this is the only place on the internet where i can read flames and arguements and learn something at the same time. lol

Back on topic. I liked King of the Hill but I won't miss it. :)
Yep. shows that are either controversial or have haters always have those who will perpetuate the 'it got cancelled' jazz. it has happened tons of times with Family Guy and The Simpsons.

It even got into a huge thing with Cold Case's forum when that show got rumors of being cancelled, even inspired a petition, even though later on it was discovered it was gossip, nothing more.

I'll believe a show got cancelled when it comes from the networks themselves. not some Star or Enquirer or forum on the internet. and no, The Onion doesn't count.

I sure would be a lot easier if TV networks still did this:

"due to circumstances beyond our control, King of the Hill will no longer air...'

Like they did way back when. was a lot less speculating and a lot more definite.

Oh and BTW Billy Mays is NOT dead! another sick joke (we've heard his death before years ago too) but i just saw a brand new ad with him in it. i'm sure his family doesn't appreciate such sick pranks.
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Billy Mays lived in St Pete Florida area. The local papers there did big stories about his death. I tend to believe that one is real.

I also heard on some intro to a tabloid show (before I quickly turned the channel) he had one last ad that was just coming out that had not been seen.

Still , rumors run rampant on the internet.

It's the power of the keys. People will say, lie, insult, etc etc behind a keyboard.
I think it's a lot like Family Guy. it will be cancelled yet still air new episodes. iirc Family Guy was cancelled three times but resumed either way.
The difference, in my opinion, between Family Guy and King of the Hill is that Family Guy is a much more enjoyable, faster paced show than King of the Hill. Family Guy is going to end up like the Simpson where it just never ends. The humor is great. King of the Hill humor is not that great in my opinion, which is why the cancellation doesn't surprise me. Now, if Family Guy were to get canceled, I would be outraged. The only negative thing I can think of about Family Guy is the randomness. This one episode they had a quest to find the best caviar in the world. Random, I know, but it is actually one of my favorite episodes. I realize my opinion is my own and not others, but everyone that I personally know would much rather see Family Guy on the air than King of the Hill.