KIRO-7 Annoys Their Viewers, Again

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The Right Place at The Right Time, but no Price is Right

Friday, September 21, KIRO-7 (CBS Seattle) photojournalist Eric Alexander was on assignment in downtown Seattle and he heard a gunshot up the street from his assigned location. Quickly, he moved toward the gunshot and began recording. At least two more gunshots were heard. He filmed a group of Good Samaritans who tackled a man with a gun and they held him until Seattle Police units arrived.

It was good luck, being in the right place at the right time and it should have been a local evening News story (which was done very well) but there was absolutely no reason to preempt CBS Network shows. This was not an ongoing gunfight, not a hostage situation or even a white Ford Explorer putting down Interstate 5.

The man was trying to escape after a snatch-and-grab robbery of Express Jewelers, a store on the second floor of Westlake Mall. I know that Mall and a person would have to be nuts to try to rob any of the stores on the second floor. A brilliant escape plan: a crowded escalator!

The photos and video reveals that the robber wore a mask ... so I ask if anyone noticed a man wearing a mask was in the Mall? That part of the story was not covered.

Anyway, the KIRO report is posted below, but the comments to the story are very telling. What bothers me is KIRO chose to break away from their regular CBS Network programming to cover this "breaking story" seemingly endlessly, over and over and over. That gave them time to get "Chopper-7" in the air to show live video of nothing important from above. Per the comments, viewers wanted to see The Price is Right and did not want to watch the static (dead) story.

What is Breaking News to this station? KIRO is famously known (laughed at) as the Seattle television station that sends a team to the Mountain Passes every year to report on the first snowflake of the season that falls from the sky. They are known as "StormBotch-7" rather than StormWatch-7. For the love of Lloyd Cooney, please drop the sensationalism and report active and not 'old' News.