KIRO-7 weathercast 'blooper' -- from 1975 -- YouTube

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When I worked for KIRO-770 AM in the mid 1970s, CBS KIRO-7 TV Seattle had the most popular local 5 PM newscast. They also had morning and afternoon children's programs called The J.P. Patches Show, named after "Julius Pierpont Patches" the Seattle clown who lived at the 'City Dump'. :clownn: JP remains one of the most loved Seattle icons and recently, a statue was dedicated to him and his girlfriend Gertrude (played by a man!).
JP Patches statue - Google Search

Part of the reason the KIRO newscasts were so popular was because of the impromptu practical jokes the Anchor, the staff and camera crews played on each other and the YouTube video below was the best of them all. I remember watching it 'live' and it has been retelecast at least a dozen times since 1975. Enjoy! YouTube - Harry Wappler Classic Blooper

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