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The artist formerly known as “Kris Who?” finally broke out of his shell with a memorable performance that put everyone else, even my precious Danny, to shame. Unlike most contestants trying to put 'their own spin on things’ Kris avoided ruining a good song and actually managed to create a version of “Ain’t No Sunshine” anyone would be happy to cruise to.
Kris Allen steals American Idol and slays Randy (American Idol) -

Kris Allen sing "Ain't No Sunshine," ditching the guitar for the keyboards. Whoah, a great start--slow, controlled and strong, with a heartfelt voice. Yeah, the best of the night already just seconds in.
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Guarini: Kris was the breakout performance for me. I think that he showed his musicianship by switching to piano, instead of guitar. He, along with Ricky Minor, created a great arrangement. And he chose a great song.