Lady GaGa's newest stunt

I like Lady Gaga's music- it's not my favorite, but its catchy and danceable. I even admire some of the looks she's pulled off in the past. The woman has guts, I'll definitely give her that, and I get the whole artsy, statement thing. This latest performance seems a little crazy even for Gaga, though. Apparently, Lady Gaga let someone puke on her as part of her concert at SXSW. I'm going to have to find a video or script to see what she was saying before the puking, maybe it was symbolic or somehow relevant to a point? What do you think?

It Finally Happened: Lady Gaga Was Voluntarily Puked On
I think she is extremely over the top. I have never been a fan but like you said who can down her when she's making millions. I can't see how letting someone puke on you is relevant to anything but I'm not surprised at all. The crazier the stunt the more publicity she gets. She's a genius to say the least. A sick genius but still a genius.


I personally just don't get it. They start out "Nice" so to speak and then before you know it they have just lost there minds. Almost as if they literally feel they really need so much attention that they are actually willing to do something like that. EW! I mean if you make good music, then that's good, but you really don't need to be that crazy to keep fans.


Keep in mind that the voice you hear on most of the pop recordings is simply virtual. The singers voice is completely reworked, re-tuned and processed through a myriad of software programs. You can get close, through technology, in a live performance. A lot can be prerecorded and added in at will. Once you have become synthetic and can create vocal perfection at anytime what is left? It must be quite unrewarding. So what do you do for attention? Show some skin-been there. Make sexual gestures? Been done. Gyrate? Zzzzzz. Get puked on? I guess.
I like her music to an extent. Not the best not the worst. But as far as her dress and actions she has always been a bit over the tops for me and that is a bit of put off.


Ya, I am not really into pop music, or really into anything but country. Where as my husband is into everything, but mostly pop,rap, and other I don't even bother with. But, I don't listen for the beat, its more of the words and meaning of the song being done. Now rap, ya not something you actually can listen to for the words and meaning....... Just the beat. Now I have to say my all time favorite is the Styx they are what I grew up with and love.