[Lag]Orange County Area - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "[Lag]Orange County Area", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Reside in Buena Park and noiticed last night that pings were utter garbage to the game I play (Path of Exile). Used winMT to check and noticed this:

I'm no tech or admin guru, is there some sort of outage for that hop in the network? This is killing my fps gaming pings.

Edit: - is an IP address range owned by Time Warner Cable Internet LLC and located in United States. So why is it so laggy to that hop all of a sudden?


Orange County, Buena Park

[Lag]Orange County Area?
1. Path of Exile isn't an FPS.

2. From what you've shown, everything looks fine.

3. You should always play on a wired connection for the best/most stable connection possible.

4. Any number of things could cause lag spikes on a wireless connection and you haven't given us enough information to advise you on a solution.