Large Black Box with Web Address Showing up on DTV...


Hi all :). I'm hoping someone here can help us solve a really annoying DTV issue we're having.

Occasionally (but more and more often now) there is a large black box that pops up on our television. The box takes up the entire bottom half of the screen and inside that box is a web address, usually something pertaining to the programming. This only happens on our PBS channels, of which we have three. It started happening only when NOVA was on but now it happens at random with all sorts of programs. For instance, during CyberChase this evening the white lettering in the box read "[]". There is just one line of text but then eventually more lines appear and they look to be typed out, sort of like closed captioning sometimes does.

We've turned off closed captioning on our box so it's not that. If you touch the volume on the tv, it disappears but reappears after a few minutes. Changing the channel does nothing though -- the box will stay on all the channels.

Again, any help would be great. We live in a rural area away from any large television station antennas so we get very few channels and the PBS channels we watch regularly. Advice? Thoughts?


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It sounds like you've turned off CC on your converter box, but may have it turned on, on your TV. Does your TV remote have a CC button?


"Large black box" indicates that the TEXT service is enabled. With many televisions, there are five or nine settings for closed captioning: "Off", "CC1", "CC2", "CC3", "CC4", "TEXT1", "TEXT2", "TEXT3", "TEXT4". The second through fifth are four possible closed captioning streams (though typically only CC1 is active), and the remaining four are for the text description service.

So if you had turned on closed captioning, you might have needed to press a selection that will change your setting from CC2, to CC3, to CC4, to Text1, to Text2, Text3 and Text4, then off will appear.

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