Evaluation: Late-Night Musical Chairs!

Stephen Colbert is leaving Comedy Central to replace David Letterman on CBS. Chelsea Handler is leaving E! to go to...who knows where? Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers are starting a whole new line-up on NBC late-night.

What is late-night TV going to look like in 2015? What do you think about the changes that are happening in this turbulent couple of years for late-night TV?

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I miss Jack Paar, Steve Allen, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.

I wonder what 'persona' Stephen Colbert will take? Radical political lefty (probably). I think a host (like the three named above) should be somewhat of a moderator, will he be balanced?

I wish Craig Ferguson had been chosen.



I'm certain that Colbert will be excellent at 11:30 on CBS. He has made it clear that he won't be doing the new show in character, he will simply be the talk-show-host version of himself. I don't know if we should expect him to be an innovator the way Letterman was back in the day, but I'm sure he'll be entertaining. He has the chops as a writer, actor, performer, etc., whereas recently other networks have used as their main criterion that the host seems like a nice guy.
When you watch the chat segments of The Colbert Report the 'real' Colbert (i.e. the non-satirical version) comes through, and he's always rather charming I think. But without being ingratiating or fawning, like someone whose name rhymes with Schmimmy Schmallon! I think it would have been a huge mistake to replace Letterman with a grovelling yes-man as his spikiness was always what attracted me to his show. But I do think Craig Ferguson should have been picked-he's real alternative comedy!