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This question is about "Latency and Packet Loss Issues with my Internet", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I've been having issues with dropped frames while I stream and latency issues when I game online. My connection never disconnects and my speed is fine. Every 30 seconds or so my latency will spike from a regular 30ms to about 250-300ms for a second or two. If I stream on Twitch or Youtube I constantly drop frames and the video feed looks choppy.

I've ran ping and traceroute tests on my command prompt and they all point to packet loss issues. I've had 3 techs come out to my building and only one said that he detected any packet loss. They've swapped my modem, replaced cables and checked the outside line for tap/splitter problems but I continue to have issues.

I called to have my service canceled because I was being charged $50 when the tech found "no problems" and they offered to upgrade my service for free and remove the charge. When the tech came to install the new service, he was sub-contracted by Spectrum and only installed the new modem and refused to check out my issues.

The problem continues and I feel like my pleas are falling on deaf ears. I'm at my wits end and just want someone to confirm what is causing this problem.

Is there anything I can do?

Latency and Packet Loss Issues with my Internet?
Are you sure you're losing packets? Because it sounds like you're experiencing graphical lag by pushing your computer further than it can go.

If you are experiencing packet loss then,

1. Welcome to a world without net neutrality. They could be throttling you - gamers and streamers are the first ones being targeted by this bullshit - and there's now nothing you can do about it because it's 100% legal for them to do so.

2. You could be stretching your bandwidth further than it can go and therefore actually need a speed upgrade. I know you already said you did but you didn't say by how much or what you're at.

Gaming and streaming at the same time can be pretty demanding both on your connection and your PC.

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