Laughing Out Loud -- Soap Operas!!


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I swear -- I just laughed, and I mean a big, hearty laugh, for about 5 minutes. If you watch General Hospital, you may already know why. In the long tradition of soaps, when characters died, they died. It was really rare for one to come back. However, in the last 15 years, that changed. It's like the movie Soap. Whoopi Goldberg shouts out "But they cut off his head -- he has no head" .. and Downey Jr. comes up with this tribal Indian thing or something where the head gets shown back on. Well, that's pretty much what they do nowadays. It used to be you could judge by whether or not there was a body. I remember years and years ago the Lesley Webber character was killed on GH and I kept saying "but we never saw her body." Sure enough, she lived and was later brought back. The seeing the body thing used to be a guideline you could bank on, but not anymore.

Okay, so why my laughing spell? Well, on GH there has been a huge deal made out of the departure of Kimberly McCullough who plays Robin Scorpio. Kim started when she was 5 I think. I actually met her back then. She was the cutest, sweetest, and talented little girl. Well, she defied soap opera odds and is one of the few children actors to be allowed to grow up naturally. She stayed with GH for years, took off for a few, and then came back again. Her character was unique because she has HIV and she became a doctor, married, and had a baby. Her storyline in this regard has been powerful and serious.

Reportedly, Kim became upset at a recent plot ploy that almost made fun of her HIV status and made it out to be a game. The powers that be who produced that storyline are gone now, but the damage was done, and Kim gave notice she was leaving. For a while, it looked like Aids would claim her, but they backed off of that. Then, boom, a lab explosion, a touching goodbye through a locked door with her hubby, and a dead Robin. Uh, the body? Burned beyond recognition.

Now here is what I noticed. When she fell down to the ground, she was right by the door. That means that to enter, people should have had to push the body back. That didn't happen. The burned body was instead over by the table. Call me skeptical, but that stood out to me from the first scene I watched.

Okay -- so, we have this tender funeral and all this stuff. We see "dead" Robin talking to her grieving hubby. The body is cremated and delivered. That happened today.

Why the laughing spell?

Well, as hubby is preparing to scatter the ashes, the very last scene of about 15 seconds appears. What is it?

Yep, you guessed it! Unconscious Robin lying in a mysterious hospital room somewhere!

LOL --- I mean I did not stop laughing for a good 5 minutes. I'm not the least bit surprised. I have no idea if the NEW producers and writers who are getting a lot of credit for good stuff since their takeover have talked Kim into staying or if they are just letting fans know that anything is possible which anyone who knows soaps does know.

Oh my -- I needed that laugh today. What a hoot. I'd love it if Kim changed her mind and this whole thing has turned out to be the best kept secret in soap opera history since Scott Baldwin returned to catch the bouquet on GH during Luke and Laura's wedding. Hmm - actually, I knew about that before it aired too, though most did not. It was a bit of being in the right place at the right time.

At any rate, Kim or no Kim, thanks GH for the laugh. That was a good one!