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i have now looked at close to 20 LCD tvs in my price range and I have no idea which one to get. I know I want 1080p and I don't want any smaller than 36". How important is refresh rate on some of the newer models??


Actually refresh rates do not matter in LCDs and that response time is all that matters. I think around 5ms response time would be good since LCDs don't re-distribute the pixels to the screen but just keep changing their colors. :D
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The refresh rate is important when it comes to high speed action scenes. Your standard HDTVs have a refresh rate of 60hz. In plain terms. You will see some blurring during a high speed action scene. With the newer HDTV sets they are moving to a refresh rate 120hz. With the rate of 120hz you will less likely see blurring during high speed action scenes. The response time is associated with the individual pixels cycling from grey/white/grey. Now is a great time to upgrade your HDTV. I've seen name brand 42" 120hz HDTV sets for under $600.00.
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