On Nov. 20, 2016 I called AT&T to let them know that I had Google Fiber hooked up and that I no longer wanted them. I asked that they please take care of the paper work. They said OK. I started getting bills through Sept, then Oct. I called again and told them that I no longer had their service. So they said that they would take care of it. They asked me if I had returned their equipment and I told them that I had. They said that was great! Now I am getting threats that I haven't returned their equipment and that they will charge me for it. I have never worked with such an inept company ever. I hope that if one of their staff reads this, that they will check their records and see that I have returned all of their "THINGS"! I love Google Fiber!! Let's see if they post this!! SCS

This question, "LEAVING AT&T IS HORRIBLE!!," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.