LED lights to guide your shopping experience


"Indoor mapping and location services will create a new world of advertising and social networking services, but no technologies have proven the winners yet. A Massachusetts startup has come up with an idea of combining digital lighting with smart phones to make that world a reality"
By Ucilla Wang

Looks like GE is making fixyures with this technology now.

Here is the overview article.

I have often wished I could just type in the item I need and have my phone tell me the isle. But I am a guy. I just want to get in and out. No browsing unless it it the electronics or tool isles.


I think that it would be great to be able to type in an item and find it in the store - especially for stores where they have similar items in multiple, non-logical areas. I can also see a use to check inventory from home, or keep a shopping wish list, or do price comparisons...etc...

However, I also worry about the privacy issues surrounding these types of technology. I don't really want the store tracking how long I spend in each aisle, or having access to other data about me, perhaps even info I haven't given to them or given them permission to have. I know that places are already doing all sorts of tracking via other means, but I don't like it.