Question: Let's do the Time Jump!

Has anyone else noticed that a lot of recent TV shows have had random jumps forward in time? Parks and Recreation skipped three years, Fargo one and Boardwalk Empire is moving forward seven years for its final season!

Here's my blog post about this phenomenon: Box Jumps | Watching TV with Americans

What do you think of this trend? Is it helping or hindering these shows?


I sometimes find it annoying. It can be just a sign of lazy writing, where they use it to get out of whatever corner they've written themselves into. Jumping forward a few weeks/months can make sense, because it can keep the timeline closer to when the shows air, and because you can assume you're not seeing every second of their lives. But longer jumps rarely do anything worthwhile.

It remains to be seen how it will work for Parks and Rec.

There's also a rumor they're doing a huge time jump for Glee's final season.
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