Letterman Extortionist Nominated for News & Doc Emmy

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Letterman Extortionist Nominated for News & Doc Emmy - mediabistro.com: TVNewser

From the article:

"The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced nominations this morning for the 31st News and Documentary Emmy Awards, and, yes, David Letterman extortionist Joe Halderman was among them." ...

... "Emmy-nominated Producer Joe Halderman is currently serving a 6-month jail sentence." ...


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
This doesn't surprise me. Hollywood is a weird place. Look at the support Roman Polanski has gotten. It's not the first time things like this have happened.
Also I can't believe that this Joe Halderman guy is only being sentenced for SIX months...and worse yet he's probably going to still have plenty of work available when he gets out.

Had some average joe done what Halderman did, they would be rotting for a LOT LONGER than six months...and surely wouldn't have tons of high pay work JUST WAITING for them.


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
Our justice system is so messed up, and we have such overcrowding issues. I'm not sure time served is fair for anyone, celebrity or not. I'm not that up on it. Is Lohan's 14 days what Joe Blow's 90 day sentence would actually be?
Jails are certainly overcrowded, and certain people in jail shouldn't be there...since things like drug use are better dealt with by putting the people in rehab instead of jail. Not to mention that make drug users feel like criminals and locking them up is seldom going to fix matters.

But of course now i'm getting way off topic, but my point is that the legal system is way out of whack.