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This question is about "Levels causing lagging?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps.
The other night my internet service was down for a little over an hour. When it came back on, I noticed the lights on the modem for upstream and downstream were blinking yellow, so I checked the diagnostic page and saw only one DS channel and one US channel listed. I rebooted the modem and all my channels reappeared but my DS power is much higher than it has ever been and one channel is markedly lower.

I work from home home and tutor virtually so I'm streaming video classes with students. Tonight I noticed a lot of lagging. That's not particularly abnormal on weekends, but I wasn't sure if higher DS levels could be leading to this issue. Please advise. If this is indicative of an issue, I'd rather be proactive and try to get someone out before serious service problems start. Thank you!

Levels causing lagging??