LG Curved Smartphone to Hit Stores January 31

View attachment 2949 The first wave of curved smartphones is here, but will consumers be willing to pay $300 for the novelty? Sold by Sprint, the LG G Flex will go on sale January 31st in America, and the $300 price tag is only available with a two-year contract.

Slight Curve

The phone was previewed at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), revealing a six-inch display that puts the phone in the "phablet" category. The phone only has a slight curve but a very thin form factor, making it lightweight and readily portable. It also features what LG is calling a 'self-healing finish," with the ability to resist everyday scratches.

Nothing else about the device is extraordinary. In fact, much of the device's features are similar to other devices currently available at a fraction of the price. It comes with a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a curved 3,500 mAh battery that promises to provide a full day of use on a charge.

Price Point

AT&T and T-Mobile will also carry the phone, although a release date and price haven't been announced for those two carriers. Without a two-year contract, the LG G Flex will cost $650, which is on par with other newer phone models. So the real issue is the contract price, which is slightly higher than some competitors'. Sprint currently offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 for $100 and the Apple iPhone 5S for $200.

Is the curved screen worth it? The LG G Flex is a curved phone, but it doesn't offer any tricks. It won't roll up and fit into your pocket like the original rumors about bendable smartphones indicated. In fact, the "flexible" LG G Flex seems to be fairly fixed in its position. LG announces that it will fit more easily into a person's back pocket, which may be a selling point, although squeezing it into a front pocket might be tricky.

Potential Problems

Even before the phone hits the U.S. market, there are reported problems. A report in The Korean Times mentions issues with the phone's screen displaying small bumps. One retailer said the problem has been present in every LG G Flex that has come through its shop, typically presenting as two small bumps. If reports are correct, the bumps can be "massaged" away from the screen, but even without any corrective action, the flaws should work out over time.

For those interested in seeing the phone in person before buying, the wait will be a little longer. The LG G Flex isn't expected to hit stores until February 7th. The January 31st date is for online orders only. Currently, customers interested in the LG G Flex can pre-order it to speed up the delivery process. Sprint is offering a Quickwindow Folio Case for free to anyone who pre-orders the phone before January 31st. Sprint is promising to do its best to get the phone to customers who pre-order ahead of the January 31st release date, but the folio won't arrive for as much as three weeks afterward.


I can see it fitting in my back pocket..in one direction. I can see me sitting on it and breaking it when it is placed in the wrong direction. Seriously though...I wonder what the real benefit is to the curve?