LG Tablet G Pro 8.0 issues - DirecTV

Got some issues with using the U-verse app on a LG G Pro 8.0:
1) The user cannot watch recorded programs.
2) While you can stop watching a program temporarily bu pushing on the square box, when you resume it skips over the content that was paused and continues where the broadcast is being done.
3) If the wi-fi connection is being used by other users, a lot of messages of "buffering" is shown when watching TV.
-) Apparently if the USB cable is plugged into the tablet on one end and the other end is connected to a computer which is also connected to the U-Verse modem but it is a wired connect, the USB cable apparenly is only used to recharge the tablet's battery and not for data communications. So you are left receiving "Buffering" messages.
4) Can't watch local TV channels on the tablet or on the iPhone's U-verse app.
5) I have found you can't just stop watching TV by pressing the square box in the lower left corner or the "X" on the upper right and then watch TV the next day. It is best to shut down the app when done and restart when you do. Failure to do so will eventually get you the message "Video could not be played at this time. Please try again later. (QP1550)". Or you could get the message of "Unable to obtain token...".
6) Apparently it is a good thing to reboot the tablet once a week as strange things will happen with the U-verse app.

Hate to unload on the problem's I've found but if I don't, who will?

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