LightSquared Continues Generating Commission Controversy


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TVB | LightSquared Continues Generating Commission Controversy

RESTON, VA.: LightSquared is proceeding as planned even as its proposed network continues generating dispute. The company said today it has transitioned 50,000 public safety and enterprise customers to its new SkyTerra 1 satellite. LightSquared said the transition is a “major step” toward the launch of it’s wholesale 4G-LTE wireless broadband-and-satellite network.

The privately funded company is in a race to deploy its network--unique in its combination of terrestrial and satellite technologies. It is meeting resistance because network modeling demonstrated interference with global positioning systems. The Federal Communications Commission docket on the proposed network has more than 2,700 comments on file, many from individual GPS users objecting to its deployment even with modifications.
There are similar objections from land surveyors, pilots, oilfield workers, scientists and others. Others, however, support it. Paul Anderson with the Douglas County, Minn. Commission said lack of wireless broadband in rural areas is a barrier to economic development.

“We need jobs and economic growth. Our ability to grow jobs depends upon reliable communications and I urge the commission to approved LightSquared’s pending application without delay,” he wrote.
I have to admit I am confused by the last quote. I thought LightSquared was providing a backbone service to Wireless providers, not a service that will sell directly to consumers. So why is LightSquared providing backbone to these rural areas going to improve the current wireless service. And if it is only backbone, are not more traditional backbone services available?, granted at a cost, but it is hard to believe the cost of traditional backbone services, will exceed the amount money that LightSquared is investing.


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Plus, no business that intends to last is going to come to an area based on the availability of wireless. Fiber, absolutely. Wireless? Not a chance.

- Trip