Limit for purchased items on Apple TV?


Are you asking if there's a limit on items purchased in the Apple store? Uhh, as long as your credit card or debit card is good, I think they'll let you buy however much you want.
You'll likely want to watch out for connecting to Apple's iCloud. There is a cap on the "free" storage before you have to start paying more $$ to the good folks at Apple. Even if you have not maxed out the local storage on your device the cloud will fill up quick...especially if you have a phone or iPad synched wit it! Once full you'll start to see annoying "backup" failure messages all over the place too!


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One thing to note too for the original poster, is that the Apple TV 2nd generation and 3rd generation do not actually store purchased content on the device itself. It actually streams purchased content, so there isn't a cap on what you can buy if that's what you're asking.
Thanks for the clarification! My direct experience is with the original Apple current iCloud experience is...well, I guess current :) It does bring up the question on whether or not its more cost effective to rent movies on iTunes (even though they are a bit high-priced when compared to Red Box or Blockbuster online), or to buy them if you are going to start incurring cloud costs for content that you might watch 1-2 times in addition to the original viewing if not a kids movie.