Line burial - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Line burial", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I currently have an overhead service to home. Have contacted Spectrum for burial as new addition was placed. Order # was given to me 9 weeks ago for this. Still no progress with several calls to find status of this. Can’t get a person who is directly involved. Electric and AT&T has been buried . Electric done long ago. AT&T within 4 weeks of request(same day I requested TW). Now a safety issue as overhead TW line in not grounded. Getting no where.

Line burial?
Not sure what you expect us to do. It's a physical issue so you're going to have to keep calling around until you get someone to come out and do it. Although be warned, the wait list for things like that can be quite long. I know we got a date that was 2 weeks out from installation.

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