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Ever since we hooked up our converter box, we have lines (about 10 to 15) at the top of our screen. They are not the black lines above the picture, they run over the picture. We have tried two different converter boxes and we get the same lines. They are always there. It is not our tv. When we had satellite, there were no lines and when the kids watch dvds or tapes, the lines are not there. We have the Magnavox DIGITAL TO ANALOG TV Converter Box. Has anyone else had this problem.
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Are the lines horizontal or do they slant?

If they are horizontal, do they dance in black and white spots across the top?


Horizontal. Not sure if they are "dancing". Sometimes they are very visable other times they are faint. Depends on what playing (brightness/color). If this doesn't help, I will check them out closer tonight. Thank you for responding.


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I am thinking you maybe seeing the Closed Caption information. It uses a couple of lines at the top of the screen to send the Closed Caption information.

Some TV's and converter boxes don't match up well with hiding them, as normally the picture was a little bit zoomed to hid them.

If it is closed caption, it the lines will be black and white areas in them that change or dance.


Try increasing the Hz setting on the TV screen. I'm not sure what TV you have or if it does have such a setting, but if you can increase it to 60hz or 70hz, they might disappear.


So why would it be closed caption if it isn't turned on? What is the Hz and where would I find it to change it. Is this going to ruin my tv?

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That would be my guess. The Vertical and Horizontal image/screen adjustments are what you are looking for in your TV's menu options.

Usually you wil have 4 options.

Shift up/down
Shift left/right
Expand up and down at the same time
Expand left and right at the same time

Either Shift up or Expand up and down at the same time.

I get Closed Captioning data sparkle lines on the top of my Vizio LCD HDTV sometimes.

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