Linking the XiDX1 Cable Box with XR15 Remote



Hello, and thanks for your help! I just replaced a bad XiDX1 cable box with a new one, which controls a second tv in my home. The "master" box I have for the main tv is an Arris XG1V4 4K cable box. I have been unable to sync my new XR15 remote with my new "slave" cable box (XiDX1) . The master box is located at least 50 feet away at the other side of my home. I have successfully established connection between my new remote and my tv. Everything works on the remote except the voice command feature. I have tried repeatedly to push the Infinity and Info buttons together on the remote in order to get the three digit code to enter on the tv display. NOTHING appears on my 2nd tv display. Instead, I discovered the code boxes are displayed on the main, or master, tv display!

I am suspecting that the link between the 2 cable boxes is the problem. How do I link my new remote to the new slave cable box without influencing the main cable box?? Thanks so much!

Bud Felder Venice, FL.

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