Lip Sync Issues XG1v4 DVR Recording Playback and Apps (Amazon, Tubi,Netflix)




Up until 2 weeks ago I have had zero issues with playback on my X1 XG1v4 4k box (Had for almost 1 year). I have connected to Vizio 4K TV using HDMI and sound through Vizio Soundbar utilizing ARC. NO issues with HDR content at full resolution, or any sound issues.

Just around 2 weeks ago we started to notice the lips did not match the audio on DVR recordings and when watching videos in the X1 Apps. This only occurs once your fast forward or use the 30second skip feature. It can be corrected by either exiting the app/ DVR recording or swithing inputs and starting again. This is a very frustrating experience especialy since I was so sure it was the box itself after extensive troubleshooting.

I recieved a new box on Friday and the same exact thing happens sometimes worse then the original box. I replaced the HDMI cables as part of intitial troubleshooting and also verified by swapping to Optical sound cable using bitstream.

This is a BOX related issue. Has there been an update that could be causing this? I do not want to order another box to just suffer with the same eratic and intermittant playback issues. Please provide some insight into this, there must be more people experiencing this issue as it looks to be related to an update to the firmware or software of the units.

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