List of Defunct TV Antenna Manufacturers or Brands


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or those that were bought out by other companies...

Antenna Corporation of America

I know Im missing many others. What say you?


Archer, Radio Shack's old house brand. Only the U-75 remains from a lineup that at times had well over a dozen models, including two or three FM antennas. A few examples through the years, IIRC:

• V-60, V-90, V-110, V-150, V-185

• VU-60, VU-75, VU-90, VU-120, VU-160, VU-190, VU-210 (!)

• U-75, U-100, U-120

Of course, there was absolutely no hyperbole whatsoever in any of these implied mileage claims (and yes, these numbers are exactly what RS claimed each of these models was capable of over "open, level terrain")... nope, none at all! :becky:


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It never occured to me that they were mileage ratings!

Yeah Archer!

Ive got a few more...


Though Ive never seen more than indoor antennas from these brands.


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Thanks, Damon Hill!


Kay-Townes, Ive heard or read that name before somewhere. They were pretty big werent they, nationwide? I think a lot of antenna manufacturers were regional and local players back in the day. Is that right?
K-T might have been regional, but I think they also built products for resale under brand names. I wish I'd looked them up when I lived in Georgia. I kept up with the ones that advertised in electronics magazines or featured in store catalogs--when you had to physically >write< a letter to get more information.

And that was of course, all well before the Internet and the information explosion. I'm almost used to the idea that I'm now doing things daily that were science fiction at best in the late 60s and early 70s.


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Nice scans, salemtubes!

I really like that "Duo Band Conical V Beam"

Ive been trying to get some old Allied Catalogs, but so far only a 1965 version. Missed several others. I really want a late 50s catalog. There are some great ole designs from back in the day.

You might be interested in the Popular Science 1957 thread which has scans of vintage atenna designs.

Popular Science 1957: Vintage VHF Antenna Styles & Specs


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Some more classic names in television antennas...

Workshop Assoc.
Cornell Dubilier
Clear Beam
LaPointe Electronics
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Hey Don, those Archer Antennas seemed to have changed at some point while keeping the same nomenclature...check these out from 1971 Allied/Radio Shack 50th Anniverary Catalog.....first year after Tandy acquisition of Allied.

They had combo deals with rotors as well...

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