List of Defunct TV Antenna Manufacturers or Brands

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From the 1953 Radio Ameteur's Handbook I have an ad mentioning Cornell-Dublier TV-AM-FM antennas, a full page ad of VEE-D-X VHF and UHF TV antennas, an Amphenol TV antenna ad (mentioned earlier). I wonder if Hy-Gain, Antenna Specialists or Hustler ever dabbled in TV antennas for automotive use?


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Ive listed the Cornell Dubilier.

Vee-D-X is a new one to this list and on me. Thanks!

Ive seen HyGain antennas in the Allied Catalog, but not for television use.

Never seen Antenna Specialists or CushCraft antennas for television use either. Never heard of Hustler.
I remember Antenna Specialists and Hustler from the CB craze back around 74-78.

I was transferred to Germany in late 78 for three years. when I got back, the CB craze was just about gone. But, on the positive side, disco also was dead when I got back....


Archer, Radio Shack's old house brand. Only the U-75 remains from a lineup that at times had well over a dozen models, including two or three FM antennas. A few examples through the years, IIRC:

• V-60, V-90, V-110, V-150, V-185

• VU-60, VU-75, VU-90, VU-120, VU-160, VU-190, VU-210 (!)

• U-75, U-100, U-120

Of course, there was absolutely no hyperbole whatsoever in any of these implied mileage claims (and yes, these numbers are exactly what RS claimed each of these models was capable of over "open, level terrain")... nope, none at all! :becky:
I have an archer v-185 in the box, all parts, but missing the bottom support bracket