Listen LIVE to Ferguson Police / Riot from the Grand Jury Verdict

Fringe Reception

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I am saddened and very disappointed by the people in Ferguson, Missouri who decided to riot tonight. So far, I have heard of seven incedences of 'shots fired' as well as bricks and bottles being thrown. Looters, too. Currently, a journalist, hit in the head by a brick, cannot be extricated from the site of his injury and that happened over fifty minutes ago.

A Walgreen's, a McDonald's and a Beauty Shop have been set on fire (so far) and now, the Fire Department is retreating do to another batch of shootings. One Police Officer is MIA.

I live on the West Coast and my local Mainstream Media Networks are not covering what is happening, but I am listening LIVE to the Missouri State Highway Patrol online and YOU CAN TOO.

This single live audio feed does not include the local Police, County or National Guard, so my guess is this event is far worse.

I am listening along with (currently) 82,930 others, here:

Missouri State Highway Patrol - Troop C Live Audio Feed