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I am something of a news junkie. While I don't make a lot of road trips, I do make some from time to time. I would love to be able to listen to local television news broadcasts, while in motion, when traveling across the United States. In the past, I had a device (Auto Talk) that connected to my AM/FM radio. It allowed me to tune in to the audio portion of NTSC broadcasts. I miss that because I could hear the audio a long ways from the towers.

Anyway, unless I am unaware of something else, my two most viable options now are ATSC-M/H. I have a mobile DTV tuner. They don't have a large "footprint" and only a limited number of stations even have this. So that leaves the other option of listening via streaming websites. Does anybody hear have a good feel if most TV stations have this option on their website or is it pretty hit and miss?

Now I do have a Slingbox connected to my DISH Network receiver. I suppose if money were no object I could get mobile satellite TV, but I have never looked upon that as a viable option! I wonder if I could enter a local ZIP code to my home based DISH receiver and have it tune in local over the air broadcast that are carried on their satellites!


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I'm not sure just what type vehicle you have, but, one might use an Omnidirectional Antenna (possibly amplified).
You'd probably have to scan for new channels frequently (depending on speed) but, they have FM ability (usually).
I'm unsure just how good the picture quality would be, but you'd probably be able to pick up the audio sufficiently.


The audio portion of NTSC signals traveled much further than the video signal.

However, ATSC is a totally different animal, you either get a perfect reassembly of the signal or you get nothing, and moving at ground level you are going to be about 50-50 at that.

Had the FCC opted for the European DVB signal system it is better at motion and multi-path rejection.

ATSC signals are much more prone to multi-path and other interference, especially while in motion.

If you do get a signal it will probably drop in and out as your vehicle moves through areas of high and low signal at ground level.

If you are in a strong signal area, then you have multi-path to contend with, the signal reflecting off of buildings and other vehicles and especially 18 wheelers.
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