Little help on getting reception

Just purchased a DB8e and put it on a 15ft mast. I know I need to get it higher to get some better reception. Right now I get 4 channels. The channels I want to get are kinda out there. Need to see if there is anything I can do to reach it or if its even possible. Heres the TVfool report.

TV Fool

The ones I'm wanting are about 80 miles due south. I live kinda on a hill in a more rural area.

Thanks in advance...


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Anything past about 80 miles is really pushing the limits of physics, and anything in the grey may be impossible.

Can you do your TV fool report with the antenna at about 30 feet?
Here it is at 30ft. Doesn't look much better

TV Fool

Here is one at 80 ft. Starts looking better here.

TV Fool

So does that mean I have to put a tower in?
Is there anything else that can be done to make up for heighth?
Do I even have the right antennae for what Im trying to do?


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What you are trying to do is to get past the horizon. The channels you want are distant and there is likely a hill or 2 between you and the towers. We call this "edge" reception.

The first thing I would do is move your antenna around to attempt to find a "sweet spot" before you install permanently.

And the DB8e will not get any channels in VHF (RF) below channel 14. Its a good antenna (I used to own one) but you'll need to add a second antenna for VHF, or get an antenna that does both VHF and UHF.


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Youo may also want to try RabbitEars.Info to see what stations you can get. It's a more complete list of stations than TVfool, especially low power and translator stations.
Thanks for your help on this. Trying to figure out if I want to spend the money on a tower now. Partially committed since I bought and antenna I just dont want to sink a bunch of money in this and not be able to get anything. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think its possible based on the report you see? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


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I wouldn't consider a tower just yet. I would try as many locations and heights as you can to find a "sweet spot" on your property. Sometimes when dealing with edge signals it can be counter-intuitive. I once lived in a location where the only way I could get a certain channel was to place an antenna about one foot above the ground.

Your location is going to require a unique solution, and even then you'll only get a limited selection of channels:

kbtx is CBS and CW, at 246 degrees is very strong and UHF, but in the opposite direction from your other major channels.
kivy-16 is RETRO and PBJ. Strong and UHF, but about 45 degrees from your other UHF channels. It's a "maybe"
kfxl-ld is Fox and MyNetwork, looks good at 30 ft, it's UHF, @ 45 degrees and though not strong looks doable.
KTRE is ABC and Telemundo. It's reasonably strong @ 41 degrees. BUT, it's VHF, so it will require a seperate antenna like this one: Antennacraft Y10713 120 Cut-to-Band HDTV Antenna : HDTV Antennas |

All the rest of your possible stations are religious, Spanish, or not currently broadcasting.

There are a few solutions here. The best one would be to return the DB8e and get something like the AntennaCraft HBU55 145" High-Band VHF/UHF Antenna . Pointing this to 45 degrees should get you KTRE, KFXL, and probably KBTX (off the back, since it is quite strong) KIVY 16 may or may not not come in, since this antenna is very directional.

The other possibility is to keep the DB8e and add the Antennacraft Y10-7-13. You may have to remove one of the reflectors from the DB8e to get KBTX. KIVY may be problematic, but the DB8e is not as directional as the Antennacraft antennas.

If you want PBS, you could invest in a small FTA satellite dish for and get it for free - AMC 21 (125.0 W) channels , or you could get a ROKU and install the PBS and PBS Kids channels (free) and watch all that PBS has on demand. Of course, you need an internet connection over 5 mbps for this.

If you want to watch NBC shows (on demand and delayed), You'll probably have to resort to paying for HULU on a ROKU.
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MrPogi has done a great job of looking at the practical antenna reception possibilities in your area.
Antennas Direct is very misleading in the marketing of the DB8e antenna. The most powerful HDTV antenna in the world, and it is not designed to receive high VHF signals real channels 7-13 that are present in the majority of television markets in the country.The DB8e is a very good UHF antenna, but you will still need a VHF antenna if you want to try to receive any of the channels listed in the real channel column on TV Fool that are below channel 14. In your area KTRE ABC. Adding the Antennacraft Y10 7-13 to the DB8e is the route I would take.
You are in a difficult area for television reception even at 80 feet only a few of the signals are line of sight. There is unlikely to be a simple plug and play antenna solution for your location. With signals as low as they are predicted to be at your location there is no guarantee of success. With some time, patients, and knowledge you should be able to work out an acceptable antenna solution.