Little number by our screen name

you mean the '2' for 'squared'? i don't know myself, my guess it's based on the total number of posts you have made since registering.

When you sign up you're a 0 posts and it just says 'DTV Member' or DTV Beginner'. after a set number of posts it becomes 'Member' and i guess later on it's Member2'

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Sorry for not explaining before! It's a level system based on the number of posts you've done here at the forum. Here are the different ranks/levels and their respective post numbers to get promoted.

DTVUSA Beginner 0
DTVUSA Member 5
DTVUSA Member2 25
DTVUSA Member3 100
DTVUSA Member4 500
DTVUSA Member5 1000
DTVUSA Veteran Member 5000
DTVUSA Untouchable 10000