Live Sports on Fox Network channel - XFinity

I am an avid sports fan, and the Fox network carries a significant number of unique sporting events----such as the World Series as well as a large number of College and Professional football games. When watching LIVE sports on Fox channel on my DTA I am constantly receiving a large banner covering most of the screen that rarely stays up long enough to read completely. The gist of the banner states "There is a problem with your cable connection, please check and then sorry for the inconvienience" On my HD Converter box that all I notice is a stoppage of the action and the volume and then it starts right up again. This only happens buring LIVE sporting events and does not occur during any commercials. I spoke with 3 other customers ---2 here in Florida and one in Pennsylvania and they are all having the same problem---Only on FOX Network and only for LIVE Sports. When I speak with the Comcast rep they want to send a technician out to fix the problem. I believe the problem is the feed from FOX sports to Comcast---Anyone else experiencing this?

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