Live TV and Windows 10 FLash Player Cliclk-to-run - TWC TV and Apps

In Windows Insider Build 15002, Microsoft introducted Click-to-Run for Flash Player in Microsoft Edge. From

Quote: "Flash Click-to-Run: Microsoft Edge will now block untrusted Flash content by default until the user explicitly chooses to play it. This means better security, stability, and performance for you, while preserving the option to run Flash when you choose. You can learn more about this change on the Microsoft Edge Dev Blog: Extending User Control of Adobe Flash with Click-to-Run. We will be evolving this experience in upcoming flights to make the option to run Flash content more contextually obvious."

Unfortunately, does not even recognize that Flash Player is installed. Rather, the user is presented with the message:
"You are amost ready to watch TV.
Install the Adobe Flash plug-in now - it only takes a minute."
Followed by a blue box reading "Install Flash Now"

Since Adobe Flash Player is integrated in IE in both WIndows 8 and Windows 10, as well as MIcrosoft Edge in Windows 10, it appears the browser isn't even beng properly recognized.

For additinal information, please refer to "Extendng User Control of Flash with Click-to-Run at

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