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Whenever I turn my volume up on my box in master bedroom it resets my live TV rewind point to when I turned volume up, irregardless how long I've been on that channel. After I turn it up it will not reset my start point for rewind again,do I can turn it up or down afterwards, and will not lose my start point.... Unless! It's been awhile since I turned up, or down, as in hours later, if hours later, it will reset my live TV at the point where I touched volume. I called and tech said it's battery issue, or remote control..I disagree bc it stops once volume is touched and will not cause a reset until hours later, even if I touch volume again. If remote,or battery was issue,then problem would persist Everytime I touch volume. It happens when I first touch it in am, and again after some time has passed. Do you have a fix for this? This box gave me troubles the same before a tech reset my whole box, but it refused to rewind back then. It would pop up saying that my box isn't capable of such an action, as rewinding live TV. My box could though, and I had to always do a shut down, and restart to correct it, every single day it did this! Everyday I reset my box so I could rewind. The tech came out called head office did what he called was place box into system, and it never gave me problems after that,until now. Now it rewinds, but only to the point where I touched the volume. It resets my show to the place where I turned up,or down the volume. Once I touched volume Ivan rewind to that point, and I can touch volume again afterwards within minutes, or few hours and it will rewind through to however far live tv is set up to rewind back to.... Point is it'll go beyond the point of when I touched the long as it has not been like half a day later.....if it has been like hours, I mean 6 or so for example, hours it'll not reset channel. I hope this makes sense? I just wish I knew began this about a week ago after an update, why I'm leaning towards that being the reason. Please, if have a fix, let me know, ty

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