LiveTV on PC complaints - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "LiveTV on PC complaints", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Over the past several weeks the LiveTV Spectrum site has undergone many changes, none that have made it better for the customer.

(1) I no longer can change the font size in the CC settings. All CC is displayed in a large size font that goes from one side of the screen to the other. Also the Window CC setting can not be changed from semi-transparent setting.

(2) While watching a program, and not changing channels or settings, the TV screen will go to black and I have to manually select another station, and switch back to return to the program I was watching.

These changes do nothing to enhance the customer experience, and actually make LiveTV a very unfriendly experience to this customer.

Please have engineering/programming fix these problems and restore previous service levels and functions

LiveTV on PC complaints?

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