Question: Lo-v Channel on one tv but not the other


I have a mohu 50 that is great. Our local abc channel comes in as a Lo-v Channel. I have the mohu hooked up to a splitter that goes to two tvs. The older tv from 2007ish picks up the abc channel fine. The newer Samsung tv from 2009 doesn't receive it. Why would that be?

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WOI-DT (5) is a very low power low-band VHF transmitter @ 13,900 watts. Before the digital transition my local channel 5 transmitted with 365,000 watts.

Your MOHU antenna was not designed to receive either low-band nor high-band VHF TV channels and since you receive RF channel 5 on one TV set, is a miracle and this is the first time I have heard an antenna like that has worked for low-band --- especially at nearly 18 miles range.

Compared to many others, you have a pretty good antenna survey and if you used a better antenna, I bet you would receive many more channels.

I agree. Most of your major network signals in your area are VHF, and at VHF frequencies the leaf is an inadequate antenna, and on low VHF painfully inadequate. A simple rabbit ear loop combo antenna might work better.
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