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This issue occurred in the Nashville area: On 12/8/2020, all four major networks disappeared from the Xfinity Beta app for my Roku TVs, and also from the streaming app on my phone. On 12/9/2020, I contacted Customer Service regarding this. A CR was opened. The Customer Service Rep stated that there was a problem with the app, that "higher" authority was aware, and the Techs were working on it. They could NOT give me an estimate of when the issue would be fixed. The CSR assured me that I would receive some compensation for the lack of service. On 12-14-2020, I again contacted a CSR. They advised that my complaint of 12-9-20 had been closed out, although they could NOT say when it got closed, nor of a reason for it being closed. I advised them the the issue STILL was NOT resolved. The CSR opened up a new CR. In addition to the four major Networks, many other of the channels I watch are also gone. In fact, only the main Xfinity box has access to the four major Networks and MOST of the other channels I pay for. However, even Newsmax ,although it shows up on the Guide on the main Xfinity box, gives an error code (XR-03114), and is inaccessible. The sad thing is, this has happened before over the past two years. Can anyone provide help? Clearly the people who are paid to fix these problems are not/can not. My two year contract is up as of early March, 2021. I should NOT be paying for services denied. NOTE: I asked to speak to a Supervisor. I waited for over ONE HOUR to speak to a supervisor. They NEVER responded, and the CSR that remained on the line kept apologizing.

NOTE: I have reported this before on the SAME Xfinity Forum: COPIED:
Missing local channels in Nashville area October 31, 2019

This information is being posted for the benefit of other Nashville area Comcast customers who lost local channel access and as a result were unable to watch the 7th and final game of the World Series (on 10/30/19). Do not waste your time in doing a system refresh, powering off your modem and router, checking your account for something wrong with YOUR account information, etc. Having been a Comcast customer for over 30 years (in 2 states), I've learned that Level 1/Tier 1 Customer Service cannot handle your issues most of the time. In the latest case, after having my concerns kicked up to the next level CSR, I learned that "our engineers are aware of the issue (local channels disappeared from the Xfinity streaming app, Roku beta app, etc.), and our working on it". During the past several years, I have found this to often be the case. SUGGESTION: Comcast/Xfinity Level 1 CSRs should be given the same information that higher level CSRs access. Customers should NOT have to go through the "usual" song and dance, wasting their time, when the issue is often already KNOWN to be an engineering issue, NOT a individual customer/home issue.

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