Local Channels & NFL Sunday Ticket - DirecTV

My football team plays their game on my local channel 7 or I can watch it on the NFL channel. Well channel 7 just went off the air and now I can't watch my team play football games even though I have NFL Sunday Ticket that you have to pay extra to have. I called and they told me that if my local channel 7 was pulled off the air then the NFL channel that plays the game from channel 7 will also not be working. HELLO what is the point of buying the NFL Sunday Ticket if it really doesn't play every NFL game with NFL Sunday Ticket?? It plainly says and I quote, "Enjoy every live NFL game on your phone and other devices with NFL Sunday Ticket." It says EVERY LIVE NFL GAME! My team made the playoffs and could be in the Superbowl. I don't care who you are fighting with DIRECTV, but you had better fix this now or I am going to cancel my service and head straight to DISH, Time Warner, or AT&T Uverse!

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