Local Channels not working - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Local Channels not working I have some land about 20 miles (as the crow flies) from my house and have a travel trailer that i take there sometimes. I just purchased a Winegard G2 portable antennae system and hooked it up at the land using an H-24 Direct Tv receiver. All works great, except that i am getting no local channels (#s 2-69 in my area) - so no CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. I understand that if i travel long distances, i will not get local channels, but being this close to home, it seems like they should work. Interestingly, using this same receiver (but different antennae - not the Winegard), i have routinely picked up local channels at a place i go regularly that is about 120 miles from home. Any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks


I know

Directv thought it would be a good idea to negotiate a new contract and not let its clients know ahead of time. Couldn't watch any college football today...Direct tv sucks

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